It was during her childhood that her uncle, seeing her sewing clothes, nicknamed her MIJES.
Mijes Paris is the urban chic Parisian brand, created in 2016 by Mijah. This avant-garde and self-taught stylist learned to draw and sew on her own. First in Chad, where she created a solidarity workshop, and helped support the local economy.
Then, after moving to Paris, she drew her inspiration there with the merger between her native Africa and Paris.

Mijes Paris is the power and elegance of a majestic and independent lioness.
Draped, puffed sleeves, structures, harmonization of silhouette, these are the characteristics of the inspirations of Mijes Paris. For the designer, Mijah “I have a real love for an elegant and colorful wardrobe. I find it sad to only wear dark colors, and that’s why I created these products. My brand is made to put color in the Parisian locker room and to highlight all types of morphology. Mijes is an elegant urban style
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